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At present time quarter-turn and multi-turn single-stage and double-stage gearboxes are manufactured with the transmitted torque from 300 Nm up to 64000 Nm with the following features:

  • internal diameter of the pile from 80 mm up to 1200 mm;
  • segmented or full-turn gearwheel;
  • with trusts or without thrusts at the input or output shaft;
  • performance types at the input shaft – with the flywheel, for the flywheel, for the electric drive;
  • single-and double-speed operation mode;
  • availability of the position pointer;
  • for wedge valves with rising and stationary spindles.

Classification of gearboxes for pileline vlaves

Multi-turn spiroid gearboxes of stop and regulating valve drives

Quarter-turn gearboxes for ball valves, disk shutters, pressure valves with DN 150...700

Recommendations on the choice of the gearbox model

Production catalogue (pdf) (in Russian) (the relevance of individual dimension types and preformances of gearboxes is given by the manufacturer on your request - see. contacts)

Аrchive - earlier modifications of pipeline valve gearboxes