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About company


Dear colleagues!

The scientific-manufacturing enterprise “Mechanic” Ltd is created on the basis of the Institute of Mechanics of Izhevsk State Technical University (ISTU), which has been one of the leading Russian scientific school in the field of gears for many years; and it is the recognized leader in our country and abroad in the field of studying, designing and implementation of spiroid gears and gearboxes into various engineering branches.

The basis of industrial engineering of spiroid gearboxes is the long-term investigation of spiroid gears, cooperation with industrial enterprises and execution of Federal and International scientific and technical programs and projects, many of them being headed by the Institute of Mechanics. Each production item is the result of profound investigations and serious science, allowing to create advanced samples of gearbox engineering.

Beginning from the middle 90th, our efforts were focused on development and manufacturing implementation of a new generation of gearboxes for pipeline valve drives. By nowadays a rather wide range of these gearboxes has been created and is serially produced with application of a spiroid gear, allowing to increase reliability and load-carrying capacity of drives, to reduce their mass and dimension characteristics and cost, and to improve their performance criteria. Each of the developed and produced gearboxes is science-intensive and competitive. The process of their enhancement and creation of new progressive samples is being permanently continued.

Today our partners are such large valve engineering enterprises as JSC “Samaravolgomash”, “Penztyazhpromarmatura” and other. We are sure, that we can be useful to you and hope for the favorable and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Director of “Mechanic” Ltd,
Director of Institute of Mechanics of ISTU,
Honored scientist of Russian Federation,
Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor
Veniamin I. Goldfarb



About spiroid gear


Spiroid gear is one of progressive types of skew-axes gears. Due to the number of advantages of geometry and kinematics of engagement – the increased overlap ratio, favorable contact conditions – spiroid gears are featured by the high loading and, in particular, overloading capacity, the increased smoothness of operation and less sensitivity to manufacturing and assembly errors, high reliability and durability.

One of the most progressive applications of spiroid gears is various-purpose pipeline valve drives, featured in operation by: high loading and overloading toques, acting at opening and closing of the valve; low rotational frequencies; necessity to keep the guaranteed workability during a long period of time; wide range of operating temperatures. The accumulated practical experience showed that the best decision for the pointed features is the application of gearboxes with spiroid gears.


About our books

A new book “SPIROID GEARBOXES FOR PIPELINE VALVES” by a group of authors, edited by the Honored Russian Science Worker, Doc. Tech. Sc., professor V. I. Goldfarb has been recently published (Moscow, VECHE Publishers, 2011)

The book describes the experience of development and production of gearboxes for pipeline valves on the basis of a spiroid gear.

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